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On the correctness of the mathematical statement of boundary problems in gradient elasticity
Softening effect during cyclic stretching of titanium nickelide knitwear
Elastic stiffness coefficients of regular grid composite structutes
Analytical and numerical solutions to the problem of pile-soil and rock interaction
Estimation of the influence of the regimes of heat treatment of products from photocured polymers, manufactured by laser stereolitography technology, on their physical and mechanical characteristics
Numerical simulation of direct martensite transformation in shape memory alloys with tension-compression assymetry
Analysis of a stability of the shanley column on shape memory alloys rods during the reverse phase transition within the framework of the combined model of phase-structural deformation
Superelasticity description based on the combined model of shape memory alloys deformation considering translational hardeninfg and development of the martensitic elements
A model of the force contact of a composite spherical shell with a solid surface taking into account the combined anisotropic dry friction
Unsteady elastic diffusion of an orthotropic cylinder under uniform pressure considering relaxation of diffusion fluxes
Inverse incremental constitutive relations and compatibility equations for a shape memory alloy undergoing structure transitions