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Criticism of the law of deformation ugent for elastoplastic materials and an alternative to it
Non-axisymmetric deformation of a freely supported three-layer plate in its own plane
Unstationary interaction of a three-layer plate with a dying plane wave in elastic transient stress-strain
Methods of testing amd research of thermosetting binders for pcm
Finite element modelling of composite beams vibration taking into account damping nonlocal in time
Determination of shift durability of polymeric composite materials at an indentation
Analytical solution of the problem of a toroidal, ellipsoidal and spherical tank made of shape memory alloy under internal pressure
Unsteady elastic diffusion bending model for a bernully-euler beam on a winkler foundation
Strength analysis of fiber composites modified with various nanofibers in the case of pure shear along the fiber