Volume 27 | Mekhanika | kompozitsionnykh | materialov i konstruktsii
Criticism of the law of deformation ugent for elastoplastic materials and an alternative to it
Non-axisymmetric deformation of a freely supported three-layer plate in its own plane
Unstationary interaction of a three-layer plate with a dying plane wave in elastic transient stress-strain
Methods of testing amd research of thermosetting binders for pcm
Finite element modelling of composite beams vibration taking into account damping nonlocal in time
Determination of shift durability of polymeric composite materials at an indentation
Analytical solution of the problem of a toroidal, ellipsoidal and spherical tank made of shape memory alloy under internal pressure
Unsteady elastic diffusion bending model for a bernully-euler beam on a winkler foundation
Strength analysis of fiber composites modified with various nanofibers in the case of pure shear along the fiber
Model of momentum transfer in hypervelocity impact
Actuator with a series connection of a shape memory alloy’s rod and an elastic bias element
Homogenization of thin rubber-cord layers at moderate large deformations
Strengthening of the inside layer of the multilayered composite by bazaltoplastik in the form of cellular structure
Influence of additional heat treatment of gas-phase inhomogeneous surface layers on residual stresses and adhesion strength of steel
Wave dispersion in heterogeneous waveguides: methods of solution (a review). part i
Design features of carbon-carbon friction composites made by the aerodynamic method based on discrete fibers
Fabric energy absorption volume under shock loading conditions
Superelasticity description based on the combined model of shape memory alloys deformation considering development of the martensitic elements
Reduction of the equation of elasticity theory with random coefficients in a domain with a periodic structure to the average equation of elasticity theory with constant coefficients. effective stiffness tensor
A model of a hard axsymmetric projectile’s high-speed impact with a deformable semi-infinite barrier
Constitutive relations of the model of nonlinear deformation of shape memory alloys, resolved with respect to stress increments
Modeling the elastic-viscoplastic dynamic behavior of flexible cylindrical reinforced shells within the framework of a refined deformation theory
Study of the effect of the monolayers lay-up angles on the composite cylindrical shell stability
Numerical-analytical method of engineering assessment of the impact of the development of the pit on the movement of the adjacent soil mass, taking into account the rigidity of the fencing of the pit
Interaction of the two-periodic system foreign elastic inclusions and straight line cracks at lateral shift of the composite
Application of probing hole methods to determine residual stresses in composite materials
On the correctness of the mathematical statement of boundary problems in gradient elasticity
Softening effect during cyclic stretching of titanium nickelide knitwear
Elastic stiffness coefficients of regular grid composite structutes
Analytical and numerical solutions to the problem of pile-soil and rock interaction
Estimation of the influence of the regimes of heat treatment of products from photocured polymers, manufactured by laser stereolitography technology, on their physical and mechanical characteristics
Numerical simulation of direct martensite transformation in shape memory alloys with tension-compression assymetry
Analysis of a stability of the shanley column on shape memory alloys rods during the reverse phase transition within the framework of the combined model of phase-structural deformation
Superelasticity description based on the combined model of shape memory alloys deformation considering translational hardeninfg and development of the martensitic elements
A model of the force contact of a composite spherical shell with a solid surface taking into account the combined anisotropic dry friction
Unsteady elastic diffusion of an orthotropic cylinder under uniform pressure considering relaxation of diffusion fluxes
Inverse incremental constitutive relations and compatibility equations for a shape memory alloy undergoing structure transitions