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Analysis of the temperature regime of the hardening inflatable elements of nanosatellite antennas
The model of delamination of a composite with longitudial shear
Model of shape memory alloy deformation with resistance asymmetry
Dispersion properties of porous media
Mechanical properties peculiarities of elastomer composites reinforced by particles of mineral fillers of natural origin
Electrorheological properties of suspensions of the polyimides based on 4,4’-diaminodiphenylsulfide
Thermal stability of refractory epoxy composites filled with fine-grained particles
The features of the mechanical behavior of components of the composite panel with 3d-mesh fillers
Investigation of the influence of the epoxy oligomers nature on their combination with thermoplastic modificators
On a longitudinal shift modelling of fibrous composites, reinforce with one-directional orthotropic fibers,weakened by rectangular cracks