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Volume 23

Trends in the use of shape memory alloys in engineering and medicine
> Volume 23 > №2 / 2017 / Pages: 157-167
Heat transfer analytical investigation in heat protective composites with general type anisotropy under arbitrary heat loading
> Volume 23 > №2 / 2017 / Pages: 168-182
The influence of structural characteristics of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene on the properties of the composition
> Volume 23 > №2 / 2017 / Pages: 183-197
The problem of thermoelastic oscillations of connected to a spacecraft rod with solar heating and considering of heat radiation
> Volume 23 > №2 / 2017 / Pages: 198-213
Mathematical modeling of dynamic impact on the system «head-helmet»
> Volume 23 > №2 / 2017 / Pages: 214-224
Initial matrix cracking influence on load-carrying ability of carbon fiber specimens
> Volume 23 > №2 / 2017 / Pages: 225-232
Engineering model for estimating parameters of fragments forming at penetration of periodic string system into massive barrier
> Volume 23 > №2 / 2017 / Pages: 233-250
Minimization of the effect of thermoplastic materials warpage in injection molding due to input the filler with a negative coefficient of thermal expansion (numerical simulation)
> Volume 23 > №2 / 2017 / Pages: 251-262
Isothermal deformation of shape memory alloy in different temperature ranges. uniaxial case
> Volume 23 > №2 / 2017 / Pages: 263-282
Construction of refined model of elastic-plastic behavior of flexible reinforced plates under dynamic loading
> Volume 23 > №2 / 2017 / Pages: 283-304
Quantum-mechanical study of the friction in nanocontacts
Application of models ostwald – de ville for analysis couette flow
Bimetallic plate in a homogeneous temperature field
Simulation of the phenomen of oriented transformation with torsion of rods and tubes from shape memory alloy
Evaluation of the utilization of carbon fibers elastic and strength properties in carbon-carbon composites
On the functional-gradient effective properties of porous media
Computer modeling of the stress concentrator influence on deformation of fibrous material
Self-reinforced composite materials based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers
Thermoelastoplastic deformation of a three-layer bar with a compressible filler
Stability of ring-stiffened three-layer shell in supersonic gas flow
Effect of various nanoparticles on the mechanical properties of carbon plastics at low temperatures
Analysis of the temperature regime of the hardening inflatable elements of nanosatellite antennas
The model of delamination of a composite with longitudial shear
Model of shape memory alloy deformation with resistance asymmetry
Dispersion properties of porous media
Mechanical properties peculiarities of elastomer composites reinforced by particles of mineral fillers of natural origin
Electrorheological properties of suspensions of the polyimides based on 4,4’-diaminodiphenylsulfide
Thermal stability of refractory epoxy composites filled with fine-grained particles
The features of the mechanical behavior of components of the composite panel with 3d-mesh fillers
Investigation of the influence of the epoxy oligomers nature on their combination with thermoplastic modificators
On a longitudinal shift modelling of fibrous composites, reinforce with one-directional orthotropic fibers,weakened by rectangular cracks