The kinematic properties of physical reality | Mekhanika | kompozitsionnykh | materialov i konstruktsii
> Volume 3 > №1 / 1997 / Pages: 108-114

The kinematic properties of physical reality


A new description of physical reality in which the observer’s reference system consists of a set of coordinate systems that do not depend on the will of the observer and are determined by the velocities of material particles is submitted on the basis of Lorentz transformations, which are taken as axioms. This results in invariance (independence of motion velocity) of mass and the length and time scales. The actual velocity of a material particle (velocity prototype) can be treated as unbounded, while a velocity mapped onto a coordinate system is always lower than the velocity of light. The concepts submitted are legitimized by comparison with special relativity theory (STR) and by their compatibility with Newtonian mechanics. A physical situation in which Lorentz transformations are extended to nonuniform motions is given. The hypothetical existence of a kinematic signal whose propagation velocity has the velocity of light as its lower limit and is determined by the velocity of particle motion is discussed.