The closed cylindrical shell under the influence of local loading | Mekhanika | kompozitsionnykh | materialov i konstruktsii
> Volume 17 > №1 / 2011 / Pages: 71-90

The closed cylindrical shell under the influence of local loading



In the framework of energy concerted theory of shells it is investigated three-dimensional deflected mode of the circular cylindrical shell which are under the influence of various type of local loadings. Results before the published work for arbitrary shell in which last is represented in the form of a three-dimensional body are used. The components of deflected mode of a shell are expanded into polynomial series as functions of orthogonal coordinate. Principle of virtual work is applied for extracting two-dimensional equations and getting edge conditions. For a considered cylindrical shell the polynoms containing orthogonal coordinate on one degree above, than in the Kirchhoff – Love theory are used. The basic equations in moving and edge conditions for various variants of fastening of edges of a shell are resulted. The operational method based on Laplace transform is applied to the equation decision. As a result half of edge statements of the problem are satisfied. At transition from images to originals required moving are expressed in series as unit and hyperbolic – trigonometrically functions. Influence of various types of edge conditions and local loadings, lengths and thickness of a shell on its components of deflected mode is analyzed.