Model of interaction of a rigid mesh with a deformable target | Mekhanika | kompozitsionnykh | materialov i konstruktsii
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Model of interaction of a rigid mesh with a deformable target



An analytical model of the high-velocity interaction of a rigid mesh with a semi-infinite deformable target, which is modeled by a rigid-plastic body, is proposed. We consider the “normal” impact of the mesh on the target: we assume that at the initial moment and subsequent moments of time the mesh is parallel to the target surface, and the mesh velocity vector is perpendicular to the target surface. After the mesh meets the target, the flow pattern of the target has a cellular structure that reflects the geometry of the mesh. Due to the periodic structure of the mesh and the symmetry of the mesh cell, we consider the flow that accompanies the penetration of only 1/8 of the mesh cell. The dependence of the solutions obtained on the geometric parameters of the mesh is characterized by one dimensionless parameter γ equal to the ratio of the wire diameter to the period of the mesh, 01γ≤≤. Analytical formulas are obtained for: the depth of penetration of the mesh into the target; the total mass ejected during the penetration; the total momentum of the ejected mass; the total energy of the ejected mass. Quantitative estimates of the values of these quantities are given for the penetration of a steel mesh into an aluminum target, depending on γ. The effect of amplification of the target momentum is also estimated, which turned out to be the largest for a mesh with a small value of the parameter γ, when the wire diameter is much less than the mesh period.