Model experiment, clarifying the mechanism of high fragmentation drummer discrete screens | Mekhanika | kompozitsionnykh | materialov i konstruktsii
> Volume 13 > №3 / 2007 / Pages: 341-355

Model experiment, clarifying the mechanism of high fragmentation drummer discrete screens



The experiments on the introduction of high-speed plastic impactor (striker size – 15mm) screen in a string (string material – steel, diameter of string – 0.5-1.0mm). The goal – the experimental proof of the qualitative differences between the nature of the destruction of the hammer when it interacts with a string screen from destruction on a solid screen. Polyethylene has a lower (compared to aluminum drummer) resistance to the introduction of so-effects that are typical for the introduction of digital screen drummer, should appear more clearly here. For information about the destruction of the hammer used a thick aluminum plate – the witness is located in the path of movement of the fragments. The impact velocity ranged from 1.7-3.0 km / sec. Experiments show that the destruction of the impactor is accompanied by formation of flat jets emitted in the direction of movement impactor. Their action on the plate – the witness (as measured by the depth of the craters) varies depending on the distance between the strings and the action may exceed the remaining mass of the impactor. Fragmentation of the hammer on the strings of identical barriers gives topologically similar structure damage witness at different speeds collisions. When reducing the size of the cell decreases sharply intensity jets and fragmentation of the hammer on the string becomes a screen similar to the fragmentation of the observable impact on the continuous screen. Thus, for a fixed diameter of the string can distinguish the characteristic size of the screen of the cell string in which the character of the fragmentation of the striker and the impact of debris on the striker plate to become a witness in a similar fragmentation drummer on a solid screen.