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Methods of testing amd research of thermosetting binders for pcm



The polymer binder (matrix) plays an important role in the composition of the polymer composite material (PCM), ensuring the integrity and shape of the product, the mutual arrangement of the reinforcing fibers, the distribution of the acting stresses over the volume of the material, distributing a uniform load on the reinforcing fibers and at the same time preventing the growth of cracks in the PCM. The level of providing increased mechanical properties of fibers depends on such properties of the polymer matrix as strength, stiffness, ductility, fracture toughness, impact strength. Properties such as heat resistance, fire resistance, heat resistance, impact strength, water and weather resistance, chemical resistance of the finished product are determined by the characteristics of the polymer binder and PCM based on it. When developing polymer binders, a large number of research and testing methods are currently involved, while the main properties of binders are monitored both at the stage of obtaining a polymer matrix and in the process of processing it into products – at the stage of obtaining a composite material, the binder is described by parameters that ensure manufacturability processing of the composite and allow you to select the mode of this process. In the presented work, the main methods of testing polymer binders, which are currently used to control their quality, as well as their physical and mechanical characteristics, are considered. A description of the main methods for determining the glass transition temperature, viscosity, pot life and gelation time of a polymer binder is given. An overview shows a wide range of methods that make it possible to obtain complete information on the properties of thermosetting binders both at the stage of their preparation and as part of PCM – thermal stability, fire safety, the influence of climatic factors, and others.