Mechanical characteristics of thin coverings in system «the covering – the polymeric film» | Mekhanika | kompozitsionnykh | materialov i konstruktsii
> Volume 16 > №3 / 2010 / Pages: 436-444

Mechanical characteristics of thin coverings in system «the covering – the polymeric film»


Films and coverings are find wide application, including nanofilms and nanocoverings, and also their compositions possessing, in particular, high mechanical characteristics and allowing to solve various problems. Besides the planned difficult structure of a film and a covering while in service get defects on nano, micro and macro levels. At creation of new coverings working out of the tools, allowing investigating their property is important. Are marked, restrictions of the non-standard approach one-dimension stretching, and also the questions arising at application a method «indenter» and computing modeling. The two-dimensional approach of research of characteristics of thin coverings in system “substrate-covering” is stated, being based on experimentally – a theoretical method of definition of integrated properties of films with difficult structure. The example of definition the module of elasticity and the conditional module of elasticity nanocovering from titan oxide put by an ionic-plasma method on a polymeric film is resulted. Simplicity of the approach is marked, absence of necessity to work directly with thin nanocovering and is not required the expensive equipment. The combination of experimental parameters to application enough exact parities of the nonlinear theory of covers allows to receive authentic results. The approach should find the place as at research mechanical characteristics of again created coverings, and also for research of changes of properties of coverings while in service.