Evaluation of the effect of structural parameters on elastic characteristics of carbon-carbon materials | Mekhanika | kompozitsionnykh | materialov i konstruktsii
> Volume 24 > №3 / 2018 / Pages: 319-334

Evaluation of the effect of structural parameters on elastic characteristics of carbon-carbon materials

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This work is devoted to exploring of few structural parameters effect on elastic characteristics of carbon-carbon composites. Two such material types have been investigated. They have different systems of reinforcing: with orthogonal fibers arrangement in three directions, and with fibers arrangement in the xy plane with angles 0º( y ), ±60º and in transversal direction. The material of the second type had three varieties which differ with the character of fibers allocation of z direction in x , y axis, of y direction in z , x axis, and with the diameter of reinforced bundles. The experimental research of these composites under four different types of loadings (tension, compression, bending and shearing) is made. The received experimental data are compared with the calculated data. The effect of diameter of reinforcement and its arrangement density on elastic characteristics of researching materials has been evaluated. It’s shown that composites with the smaller diameter of reinforcing bundles have higher values of elasticity modulus and shear modulus. The reduction of reinforcing bundles diameter contributes to their layup density with the same volumetric content and has a beneficial effect on their elastic properties. The effect of changing of volume of transversal reinforcing on the studied composites characteristics has been reviewed. It’s shown that even insignificant content of reinforcement in the direction z (to 3%) leads to significant properties increasing of the material in that direction without important reduction of elastic characteristics in another direction. The effect of reinforcement design on formation of carbon-carbon composites properties has been investigated. It’s shown that three-dimensional reinforced carbon-carbon composites with fibers arrangement in the directions 0º, ±60º help to manage effectively of elastic characteristics in specified direction because of fibers volume relocation in reinforcing direction.