Determination of shift durability of polymeric composite materials at an indentation | Mekhanika | kompozitsionnykh | materialov i konstruktsii

Determination of shift durability of polymeric composite materials at an indentation

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Fiber-matrix adhesive strength determination approach using method of pushing out the multifilament cylinder from the thin carbon fiber polymer composite sample by the cylindrical indenter with the flat basis is offered. The equipment which had a groove for sample fixing at test and an opening which provides expression of a part of a sample under an indenter was developed for tests of polymeric composite materials for shift by a method of an indentation. Also the indenter of a cylindrical form which allows to squeeze out a cylindrical part of a sample in an opening on equipment was developed and made. The method is economic as the thickness of samples does not exceed 2 mm that favourably distinguishes it from methods of determination of durability at shift by modern methods: method of a short beam and Iosipesku’s method which demand samples of the big sizes. Types of deformation and destruction of samples after tests, types of charts of deformation are considered at tests and their characteristic sites. Results of the carried-out tests show that charts of shift have three characteristic sites: – a quasilinear site of elastic loading on which the effort of pushing out linearly grows with increase in depth of introduction of an indenter; – the step site of emergence and destruction development with loss of energy of deformation on development of new free surfaces of destruction, is presented in the form of sharp falling of effort of pushing out; – a flat site of sliding with a friction of the tiny multifilament cylinder at its pushing out from a sample-section. Comparison of the received results of tests with values of durability is carried out at shift by polymer composite materials received by a method of a nanoindentation.