Biocyde composite polyacrilate materials | Mekhanika | kompozitsionnykh | materialov i konstruktsii
> Volume 3 > №4 / 1997 / Pages: 36-42

Biocyde composite polyacrilate materials

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We investigate the physical-chemical and mechanical properties of the paint compositions, which contain synthesized by the authors trimethylmethacrilate – copolymer of reticular structures of different intensity of cross-linking and are to be used for protection against biological damages of technical materials and structures. The following factors, which regulate mechanical properties of paint coatings and intensity of isolation of biocyde into environment, are studied: intensity of lacing of cross-linking copolymers, quantity of biocyde copolymer, and pigment fillers in the composition. The results of the study may be of interest in creation of biocyde compositions, which are distinguished by low effect on the environment.