"compound inclusion" technique "gravimol"


2d- and 3d- problems of solid structure


a core of gopkinsona a critical combination of parameters a gradient-elastic material a multilayered package a normal distribution a pair of corresponding options a shunting cover a surface roughness a thin-walled curved pipe ab initio calculations absorption band acceptance accumulation of damage accuracy of a decision acoustic emission acoustic excitation acoustic medium acoustical waves active filler actuator adaptive structure adhesion adhesion interaction adhesion interactions adhesion strength; physicomechanical properties; epoxy composite; fracture surface adhesion strength adhesion to stone adhesive joint adhesive joints adhesive strength adsorption aeroelastic stability of shell aerosil aerospace technic aggregates of particles aggregation aliphatic polyamides allowable stress aluminium aluminium alloys aluminum aluminum alloy aluminum oxide fibers amine hardener amorphous carbon amplitude-frequency characteristic an elastic modulus an elastomeric matrix an exact solution analytical and numerical methods of solving the problem on the periodicity cell analytical calculation analytical description of interphase interactions analytical mechanics analytical methods of cell problem solution analytical solutions analytical solution analytical theory angle of lag between stress and deformation angular points anisotropic and composite body anisotropic blades anisotropic heat transmission anisotropic materials anisotropic media anisotropic space anisotropy anisotropy power, orthotropic bodies anisotropy power anomalous properties anti-oxidizing properties antifriction materials approximated solution's error approximation of hysteresis curves of loading stage architectural coverage area parameterizations armor plate aromatic polyamides artificial cell asymptotic averaging method asymptotic averaging technique asymptotic expansion asymptotic homogenization asymptotic solutions asymptotic splitting method atomic force microscopy atomic level atomic microscopy averaging procedure axial symmetry


band bar beam beam bending beam structures: layered construction beam with reinforcing layer beams beavers-joseph condition bend bending bending strength bending strip bending strip; ribs; the fadle-papkovich functions; biorthogonal functions bending vibration bent butts bentonite bernoulli theory bifurcation biharmonic loading binding agent's destruction biocomposite biomimetical nanotechnology biorthogonal functions biorthogonal systems of functions biot model bit-linear approximation blends of epoxy resin/heat-resistant thermoplast block least square method bolted joint bone fabric bone tissue borating boundary conditions boundary function boundary layer boundary problem boundary value problem boundary-value problem of the electric elasticity boundary-volume problem branched polymers brinkman and stokes equations brinkman equation buckling buckling failure buckling of the column burning butt part


cad/cam technology calorific value carbon black carbon fiber reinforced polymeric plastic carbon fiber reinforced polymer plastics carbon fiber-reinforced plastic carbon filler carbon nanomaterials and nanostructure carbon nanostructures carbon nanotubes carbon textile carbon-bearing composite material carbon-carbon composites carbon-carbon composite carbon-silica filler carbon/epoxy composites cell problem ceramics cfrp characteristic equation chart of deformation chart quasi-brittle fracture chemical modification chi-retained implementation chlorosulfonic polyethylene circular cylindrical shell civil engineering structures coated materials coating thickness cobalt coefficient of thermal expansion coefficient of thermal conductivity cohesion cohesive interaction combined threads compatibility complex geometry complex module complex roots complex stress state composite composite and rod system composite blade composite cylinder composite laminates composite laminate composite materials composite material composite materials; filler; surface modification; interphase layer; quantum-mechanical modeling composite micro-mechanic composite nanostructures composite rods composite structure composite superconductor composites composites with coatings composition materials compound stabilization compressible filler compression compression after tension compression molding computational computational mechanics computational modeling computer modeling computer simulation computer's simulation concentration concrete conductive and convective mechanisms of heat transfer conductor galloping conductor of overhead transmission line conductors of overhead transmission lines conical spring conjugate stress tensors consolidated principle of superposition constant identification constitutive equations constitutive relations contact interaction models contact surfaces continual-discrete approaches; continual-discrete finite element method; wavelet approach; multi-level computing; local level computing; civil engineering structures continual-discrete approaches continual-discrete finite element method continuous stirred tank reactor control and quality management in mechanical engineering controlling parameters copolymer core-strip corrosion damage corrosive destruction under the load cortical bone tissue cosserat continuum model cosserat continuum coupled heat transfer coupled problem coupling dispensing coverings crack crack blunting crack opening creep criteria destruction criteria of failure criterion of baise criterion of shear-scale invariant critical crack opening critical exponents critical stress jump cross gap cross spectral density crush script crystal plasticity theories crystallinity crystallite with folded chains current curvature curvature radius curved pipe curves perisa cutting cyanidation cyclic loading cylindrical cylindrical elastic shell cylindrical inclusion cylindrical inclusions cylindrical plate cylindrical shells cylindrical shell cylindrical springs cylindrical spring


damage damaged media mechanics damper damping damping unit damping-function darcy′s low deflection deformability deformation deformation and fracture deformation gradient deformation in the quadratic approximation deformation-induced anisotropy degassing degradation of properties degree of admission delaminating density density gradient dependences of properties of polymeric composite materials on temperature desorption destruction deterministic chaos detonation diagrams of quasi-brittle fracture diffraction diffusion dijkstra algorithm dimensional reduction method dimensional stability direct and contrary problems of forecasting durability direct phase transition direct transformation directed graph discrete shield disperse-filled elastomeric composite disperse-filled polymer composites disperse-reinforced composites dispersed filler dispersed-filled composites dispersed-filled compositions displacement displacements divergence dmt model ductile fracture durability dynamic bending dynamic effects dynamic effort dynamic loading dynamic loads dynamic mechanical properties dynamic mechanical analysis dynamic model dynamic modulus of elasticity dynamic neuronet dynamic shear modulus dynamic stability dynamic stability of the shell dynamic stresses dynamic system dynamical rheological characteristics dynamics


earthquake edge effect edge effects effect of self-regulation effective characteristics effective characteristics of structurally inhomogeneous media effective elastic modulus effective elastic parameters effective elastic characteristics effective length effective mechanical properties of heterogeneous materials effective mechanical properties of elastomeric materials effective permeability effective properties effective properties of composite effective thermal conductivity tensor for the layered medium effective thermomechanical characteristics effective viscosity and permeability medium effective viscosity effective volume averaging efficiency tool eigenfrequencies and mode shapes eigenfunction expansion ejecta ejection elastic and strength properties elastic filler elastic moduli elastic modulus elastic properties elastic strain energy elastic waves elastic-plastic strain state elastic-plastic model elastic-plastic materials elastic-plastic environment elastic-porous materials elastic-viscous hinges elasticity elasticity module elasticity modulus elasticity theory elastomer elastomeric composite elastomeric composite materials elastomeric nanocomposites elastomeric sealant elastomers elastoplastic boundary value problem electrical-conducting polymeric materials electro- and magnetorheological fluids electro-magnetic elasticity electroconductivity electroelasticity electrorheological fluids electrorheological suspensions electrostatic spraying ellipsoidal and cylindrical shells ellipsoidal inclusions ellis model elongated projectiles endurance energetic approach energy dissipation energy equivalence energy release rate epoxy epoxy adhesive epoxy binder epoxy binder modification; physicomechanical characteristics; ultrasonic treatment; vacuumization; nano-sized silica; viscosity epoxy binder modification epoxy composite epoxy composites epoxy matrix epoxy resin equation of state errors of the numerical solution established creep euler coordinates evaporation exact decisions experiment experimental experimental dates experimental functions of damage experimental identification experiments explosive extender external heat flux extremely-macromolecular polyethylene extrusion


fadle-papkovich functions failing support failure failure criteria of composite laminates fatigue fatigue strength fem femur ferroelectric ceramics fiber fiber bragg grating fiber composites fiber optic sensor fibre bragg grating fibrous composite fibrous composites field intensity fields of conserved dislocations filled elastomers filled rubber filler fillers film film formation films filtration fine-grained particles finishing masses finite deformation finite difference method finite element method (fem) finite element model finite strains finite-element method finite-element mesh firmness effective modulus of elasticity first principles simulation first-principles modeling flame retardants flange flat deformation flat problem of the theory of elasticity flat rotational shell flexural plates flexural strength flexure flow flow curves flow law flutter force field force-distance curve forced elasticity forced oscillation forced parametric vibration forecasting resource fourier integral transform fractal analysis fractal parameters fractal parameters of structure fractal structures fracture fracture criteria fracture mechanics fracture pattern fracture surface fracture toughness fracture toughness of coatings tool fragmentation fragmentation onset free vibrations frequencies frequency friction fuel function of memory functionally graded materials functionally graded material fuselage compartment


g-integral galerkin projection method galloping galvanic electrosedimentation gas formation gas phase transport general anisotropy generalization of constitutive equations generalized fourier method generalized lagrange equations of the second kind generalized physical constants geodetic geometrical nonlinearity glass fiber reinforced plastic glass-plastic rods glued joint glued joints godunov’s orthogonal sweep method gradient elasticity theory gradient elasticity gradient model gradient theory granular granular composite granular filled thermoplastics granular medium graphitized carbon nanofibers green function green model green's yield condition group velocity


half-space halloysite hard alloy hardening harmonic waves heat conductivity heat exchange heat of reaction heat protective composites heat radiation heat transfer heat waves heat-interchange heat-loaded structural elements helicopters hertz model heterogeneous material heterogeneous medium hexagonal structure high-enthalpy flow high-intensive heat and mass exchange high-speed impact high-velocity impact hip process hole homogeneity hypothesis homogenization homogenization methods homogenization method hover hybrid and gradient polymer composites hyper elastic hyperbolic and parabolic equations for wave motion hyperelasticity hysteresis hysteresis dissipation


ice accretion ideal plasticity identification identification of parameters igbt package igbt модуль ik-spectrums ill-posed by hadamard problems impact impact resistance implant impregnation impulse of dynamic effort in-plane shear inclusions inelastic deformation inelastic deformations infinite strip influence function of axisymmetric surface loading inhomogeneous rod inhomogeneous viscoelastic environs initial boundary value problem initial matrix cracking inner boundaries inorganic biosystems inorganic cell instant inelastic strain integral equations integral function of damages integral models integro-differential equations intense-deformed condition intensity intensity of stresses interaction interface layer interfacial adhesion interfacial layer interfacial phenomena interference pattern interlayer shift limit stress intermetallic internal (external) pressure internal heat and mass transfer internal stresses interphase interactions interphase layer interphase layers interpolation cubic splints of three variables interpolymer inverse problem inverse problems of heat transfer inverse transformation inversion of polarization in phases ir spectrum isocyanate isothermal deformation isothermal flow isotropic elastic layer iteration method


jkr model


kinematic approach kinematic equations kinematic model of hysteresis kinetical changes of structure


labyrinth mixer-reactor lagrange equations of the second kind laminated composite materials laminated plate laminated reinforced plastics laminated skew panels laminated skew plates laminated structures laminose silicate nano-filler laplace and fourier integral transformation laplace and fourier transform laplace equation laplace transform large deformations large deformations theory latent heat lattice structures layer layer-fibrous structures layered composite layered composite material layered composites layered inclusions layered medium layered plate layered structures leap-frog difference schema legendre polynomials legendre's polynomials levenberg-marquardt algorithm lightweight aggregate limiting creep limiting fast processes limiting slow processes limiting state line density linear dilatometry linear elastic analysis linear polymers linear thermal expansion factor linearized equations load load calculation load-carrying ability load-carrying capacity loading local coordinate system local level computing local load local problems of thermoelasticity locking frequencies long-term strength loss angle low-cyclic destruction low-modulus viscoelastic composites luapunov stability criteria lüders bands


macrodeformation macromechanical characteristics macroscopic properties magnetic field magnetized structure magnetooperated elastomer magnetorheological fluids magnetosensitive sorbents main axes and main components of the thermal conductivity tensor martensite inelasticity martensite inelastisity martensitic non-elasticity martensitic transformation material and spatial strain tensors material degradation material function mathematical algorithm mathematical modelling mathematical modeling mathematical model mathematical simulation matrix matrix phase measurement mechanical activation mechanical characteristics mechanical characteristics of heterogeneous medium components mechanical properties of material mechanical properties mechanical systems with constraints mechanical tensions in gas formation zone mechanics mechanics of composites mechanics of crack mechanics of defective media mechanics of non-homogeneous media mechanics of solid with microstructure melt mems accelerometr mems-system mesh bumper mesoscopic approach metal composite metal matrix composites metal-composite joints metal-composites metal-matrix composite; yield strength; young's modulus; aluminum alloy; aluminum oxide fibers metal-matrix composite metallic splinter metallic-intermetallic laminate composite method of asymptotic homogeneities method of continuing the solution to the parameter method of green's functions method of hypothesis method of initial functions method of periodic components method of stiffness functions methods for rapid assessment of fracture micro and nanostructures micro-cracks micro-heterogeneous solid microcircular oxidizing technology microdeformation microdestruction microdestruction's probability micromechanics microporosity microstructure microstructure parameters microstructures model model bio model calibration model in the space state model ostwald - de waele model takayanagi modeling modeling of algorithms modeling of fragmentation of rapidly expanding cylinders modeling of fragmentation of rapidly expanding rings modelling modelling of roughness models of dissipation modification moduli modulus modulus of elasticity modulus of relaxation modulus of shear molding molecular friction molecular machines molecular mobility molecular nanorobots molecular structure moment moment functions moment functions аннотация: moment theory of elasticity montmorillonite moving boundaries multi-dimensional reinforced composites multi-level computing multi-scale homogenization multilayer composite plates multilayered composite material multilayered reinforced plastics multiphase media multipole expansion method multistage drawing multiwall carbon nanotubes


nano-sized silica nanoadhesion nanocomposite nanocomposites nanocones nanocoverings nanofiller nanoindentation nanoparticles nanoscale binder layers nanosize disperse fillers nanostructural materials nanostructure nanotribology natural frequencies of vibration natural mode and frequency natural oscillations natural vibrations negative thermal expansion coefficient nemirovsky yu.v. newtonian fluid non-classical elastic characteristics non-elastic area non-isothermal flow non-linear behavior non-linear hammerstein equation non-linear straining non-newtonian fluids non-newtonian fluid non-stationary temperature fields non-stationary vibrations non-steady problems non-uniform temperature field nonclassical moduli nonisothermic model nonlinear boundary-value combined problem nonlinear boundary conditions nonlinear deformation nonlinear effects nonlinear heat conduction nonlinear heat conductivity nonlinear heredity nonlinear local-ergodic models nonlinear oscillations nonlinear relationships nonlinear waves nonlinearity nonstationary cyclic loading nonstationary vibrations normal mode of vibration numerical analysis numerical mechanics numerical methods numerical modeling numerical simulation


objective rates objective tensors of very high rates of loading oligodiendiol oligomeric composition on-board registration one-dimensional specified equations optical fibers optimization optimum design organoclay oriented polymeric material oriented transformation orthotropic bodies orthotropic elasticity orthotropy oscillation oscillatory interaction osteosynthesis oxide film oxipane


parallel computing parametric resonance parametric resonances parametric resonance of the shell partial and natural frequency particulate-filled compositions penetration people - the protective structure percolation periodic system of strings permolecular structure phase composition phase deformation phase diagram phase transformation phase transition phase transitions phenomenological models photoelastic method photopolymer composites physical and mechanical properties physicomechanical properties physicomechanical characteristics piezo-polymeric materials piezocomposite piezocomposite; electro-magnetic elasticity; effective properties; polydisperse structure piezoeffect pin joint pipelines plane axially symmetric problem plane layer plane problem plane problems plane strain plant identification plastic plastic deformation plastic forming plastic properties plasticity plates poisson ratio polyacrylate binder polyamide-6 polyaniline polycaproamide polydisperse structure polydisperse system polyesters polyetherimide polyethylene polyfluorene polyimides polymer polymer coating polymer composition polymer composite system polymer composites polymer composite polymer composite materials polymer composite material polymer matrix composite polymer melts polymer mixes polymer structure polymeric composition covering polymeric insulators polymeric materials polymeric threads polymers polymethylmethacrylate polymorphic phase transition polysulfone polytetrafluorethylene polyurethane pore pressure poroelasticity porosity porous elastic environment porous material porous materials porous media porous perform positive temperature factor of resistance powder material powder metallurgy powdered material power dependence pre-fracture zone precision structures predicting the effective properties prediction predictive control prefracture zone prehistory of deformation process prepreg pressure pressure vessels primary and secondary aggregate probe geometry problem on the cell problem on the periodic cell progressive damage model projectile fragmentation propagating normal modes propagating wave modes properties anisotropy prosthetic dentistry protective coating pseudo glassy layer of rubber pulse heating pyrolysis


quantum-mechanical modeling quantum-mechanical calculations quasi-brittle quasi-brittle fracture criteria quasi-brittle fracture diagram quasi-ductile fracture quasi-dynamic formulation quasiperiodic structure


radial multipliers random structure rate of energy transfer reactive forces reactive stress real roots receding horizon technique reconstruction rectangle rectangular plate recursion reddy theory reference experimental data refined theory refined theory of plate bending regime of finite deformations regular structure regularization reinforced composites reinforcement reinforcement cross reinforcement the space reinforcing scheme reissner's variational principle relaxation modules relaxation spectrum relaxation time relaxation transition reliability remained strength reology residual properties of the damaged structures residual stress residual stress-strain state residual stresses resonance oscillations reversal loading reverse torsion pendulum reversing shape memory rheodynamics rheological equation of state rheology rheonomic properties rheonomous properties ribbed design ribbed reinforcement ribs rig tests rigidity ring-like structures ritz method rod rod metalware rod systems rods rotors rubber rubber mix rubber mixtures rubber particles rubber-carbon black structures rubbers running heat waves


sandwich honeycomb structure sandwich shell scale effect scale effects scale factor scale length parameters scale-dependent beams and plates; gradient elasticity; method of hypothesis; kinematic equations; variation method; adhesion interactions; refined theory scale-dependent beams and plates schungite screw fixators sealing viksint seepage self-consistent eshelby method self-consistent scheme self-reinforced composite materials self-stress condition semi-strip semigeodetic system of co-ordinates serviceability serviceability; durability; creep; elastomeric sealant; adhesive joint; sealing viksint shape function shape memory shape memory alloys shape memory alloy shape memory alloys; torsion shape memory effect shape micelles shape stability shear shear interlaminated cracks shear module shear modulus shear stress shear wave shell shell flutter shell intersection shell of revolution shell with cylinder shell with ribs shells shells of revolution shield protection shock shock -wave loading shock wave sierpinski carpet simple grids simulation of structure single-walled nanotubes singular behavior singular points slippage softening software solar heating solid mechanics solidification soliton solution solubility parameters solution error solvability condition sound waves space space debris space vehicles space vehicles; thin-wall rods; solar heating; thermoelastic vibrations; finite element method spacecraft attach fitting spall spar spatial nonstationary vibrations spatial problem spatial reinforcement spatial-energy parameter specific electric resistance specific thermal capacity spectral density speed speed of deformation sph method sphagnum moss spherical and spheroidal coordinate system spherical cavity spirally-cross ply spm stability stagnation pressure stamp forming static deformation static friction static strength stationary and no stationary problem of thermal conductivity statistic modeling statistical analysis statistical averaging steady creep steady-state electricity steel steel plate stephan's problem stiffened shell stiffening ribs stiffness stochastic structure straightforward dynamic network strain strain diagram strain rate strain rate effects strain-controlled loading strain-gradient elasticity strains strains; finite-element mesh; concentration; strength criteria; stress; test strands strange attractors strength strength characteristics strength criteria strength limit strength of structured rod strengthening coatings stress stress analysis stress and deformation fields stress concentration stress intensity factors stress intensity factor stress relaxation stress softening stress state stress-controlled and strain-controlled loading stress-controlled and strain-controlled load processes stress-controlled stepwise load stress-controlled step-wise loading stress-strain condition stress-strain state stress-strains diagram stresses striker string barrier structural analysis structural analysis of helmholtz equation structural cell structural damages structural deformation structural dynamics structural elements of flying vehicles structural element structural failure structural health monitoring structural levels structural mechanics structural modeling structural model structural theory structural transitions structural transition structurally-phenomenological approach structure structure change structure elements structure of composites structure of the reinforcement structure transformation structure transition substrate successive approximations super-elasticity super-molecular structure superelasticity superelasticity; latent heat; thin-walled tubes supported shell surface foil blanks surface foundation functions surface influence application surface modification surface of strength surface properties surface transient functions symmetry synergetics synthesis synthetic rubber urethane system "a covering - a substrate"


takanayaga's model tangent module tangent modulus tangential stresses tdd - torsional damper and detuner tdd - гаситель пляски проводов technical carbon technological stresses temperature temperature fields temperature field temperature problem temperature-power dependence of durability template temporary fixed prostheses tensile tensile curves tensile strength tension tension-compression asymmetry tensor of heat transfer test tests texturing the bouc-wen model the fadle-papkovich functions the filled polymer systems the finite displacements and rotations the generalized potential of the mooney-rivlin material the hypothesis of vertical element the intensity of the adhesive interaction the kolscov's method the laboratorial experiment the laplace and hankel integral transforms the method collocations the method of differential-scanning calorimetry the method of the periodic components the models of friction the rheological equation of a condition the rheological equation of state the steady creeping the temperature dependence theory of elasticity theory of interfacial layer theory of orthotropic plates theory of shells theory of timoshenko type theory structural thermal and strain strength properties thermal conductivity thermal decomposition of composite thermal expansion of basalt plastics thermal shock thermal stress thermal stresses thermal-expansion coefficient thermal-protective composites thermo-dimensional stability thermo-elasticity thermo-electro-mechanic problem thermo-mechanical load thermodynamics thermoelastic martensite phase transitions thermoelastic vibrations thermoelasticity of plates thermoelasticity thermomechanical properties thermomechanics thermoplastic polymer matrixes thick anisotropic shells thick shell thick shells thick-walled cylinder thick-walled sphere thickness thin coating thin films thin shell thin-wall rods thin-walled elements thin-walled rod systems thin-walled rods thin-walled tubes three layer beams three scale homogenization three-dimensional modeling three-dimensional shells' theory three-dimensional-reinforced composite material three-dimensional shell theory three-dimensional flow three-dimensional finite-elements three-dimensional model three-layer bar three-layer shell three-layered cylindrical shell threshold stress through and not through cracks tibia tikhonov's regularization timoshenko theory titanium titanium carbide toroidal shell torsion traditional technology transformation plasticity transmission element transversal cracking transverse normal stresses transverse shear stiffness transverse shear transversely isotropic solid triboelastic model tribological properties triple ethylene-propylene rubber tubes tungsten tungsten carbide twisting two-dimensional problem two-dimensional continuum systems two-level model tymoshenko theory


uhmwpe fibers ultimate cobbing ultimate strains ultimate strength ultimate-slowly processes ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ultrafine materials ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene ultrasonic ultrasonic treatment uniaxial compression uniaxial tension unidirectional fibreglasses and organoplasty uniform convergence of series unloading


vacuum vacuumization variation method variational method vlasov-kantorovich vat vibration damper vibration isolation viscoelastic cylindrical shells surrounded by an elastic media viscoelastic medium viscoelastic media viscoelasticity viscoplastic model viscosity viscous incompressible liquid vitrification volume averaging volume fraction volumetric compacting


wall-beam warping (warpage) warshall algorithm water absorption wave loading wave process wavelet approach wavenumbers wear resistance web web flange welded connections wetting whiskered interphase layer whiskering width winding


yankovsky a.p. yield criterion of green yield limit yield strength yield stress yielding point young's modulus


zone of decomposition of the binder


адаптивная конструкция актуатор алюминий армирование аэроупругая устойчивость оболочки


биметаллическая пластина


взаимовлияние волокнистые композиты волокно вольфрам высокоскоростной удар


галлуазит геометрическая нелинейность главные оси и главные компоненты тензора теплопроводности


деформация деформирование и разрушение динамические воздействия динамический изгиб дисперсно наполненные термопласты дисперсно-наполненные композиции допустимые напряжения


идеальная пластичность изотермическое деформирование имплантат интенсивность


композитные пластины коробление космические аппараты кристалличность


локальная нагрузка


мартенситное превращение масштабные эффекты матрица метод конечных элементов механические свойства мкэ моделирование из первых принципов модуль сдвига модуль упругости монтмориллонит мягкий слой


надмолекулярная структура нанотрибология напряжения наружные тепловые потоки нестационарные температурные поля


однородное температурное воздействие ортотропные тела отверстие отрицательный коэффициент теплового расширения


первичные разрушения матрицы пластичность плоская деформация подкрепленная оболочка пористые среды предел прочности преобразования фурье и лапласа проникание


сomposite material самоармированные композиционные материалы сверхвысокомолекулярный полиэтилен свмпэ-волокна сегнетокерамика сжимаемый заполнитель солнечный нагрев сплав с памятью формы сплавы с памятью формы степень анизотропии степень анизотропии, ортотропные тела структура армирования структурная деформация струнная преграда схема типа «крест»


температурное поле теория редди теплозащитные композиционные материалы теплоизлучение термическое прессование термоупругие колебания термоупругость тонкостенные стержни трение покоя трехслойная оболочка трехслойный стержень


углепластик углерод-углеродный композит углеродные нановолокна и наноконусы упруго-вязкие шарниры упруго-пластические материалы упругопластическое деформирование уточненные теории изгиба


фазовая деформация фазовая диаграмма флаттер оболочки


человек - защитная конструкция


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