Averaging mechanical properties structurally inhomogeneous media | Mekhanika | kompozitsionnykh | materialov i konstruktsii
> Volume 10 > №3 / 2004 / Pages: 424-441

Averaging mechanical properties structurally inhomogeneous media


In his practical activity man constantly have to deal with structurally inhomogeneous media, such as composite materials, concrete, rock (belt clay, shale, interbedded sandstones and limestones and others.). The widespread use of the technique and the way of life received such structurally inhomogeneous media, as polymer composites. This is due to their versatility and ease of processing of traditional technological methods. Concrete is traditionally used in the construction of engineering structures, and rocks are their bases, or an array of these structures enclosing rocks. All this requires a scientifically based prediction of the behavior of such materials under operating conditions at various loading conditions. To carry out these calculations requires knowledge of the mechanical properties of heterogeneous media, the definition of which is often difficult or too expensive, or simply not possible for any reason.