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Mekhanika kompozitsionnykh materialov i konstruktsii
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Numerical simulation of the redistribution of the kinetic energy of projectile between the morphologically distinct parts of the fragments cloud resulting from the interaction of the aluminum projectile with a steel mesh bumper
The role of adhesion interaction and rigidity of the matrix of fibre composite in force transmission from the intact fibre to the ruptured one
A rectangle with longitudinal ribs, working in tension-compression. Examples of exact solutions of boundary value problems
Strain measurement of structural elements based on cfrp with embedded fibre bragg grating sensors
Viscoplastic model for rheonomic behaviour of shape-memory alloys with a power dependence for rheonomic strain speed
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About Journal

Journal “Mekhanika kompozitsionnykh materialov i konstruktsii” (Mechanics of composite materials and structures) is published under the auspices of the Institute of Applied Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences from January 1995.

The journal is devoted to modern problems of composite mechanics and their applications in various structures and publishes the results of basic and applied research in the areas of:

  • mechanics of structured, non-homogeneous and heterogeneous media with complex rheological properties, phase transitions;
  • smart (active and adaptive) materials and structures, natural composites, and biocomposites;
  • diagnostics, damage accumulation, strength, stiffness, durability and fracture mechanics of composites;
  • numerical methods in mechanics of heterogeneous media and mechanics of composites, computer modeling of the behavior of composites;
  • averaging methods;
  • thermodynamics, physical and chemical mechanics and micromechanics of composite materials;
  • properties of the fiber, matrix, interfacial layer;
  • calculation methods of composite structures;
  • static and dynamic problems, interaction with the environment;
  • methods of experimental research of composite materials and structures;
  • mechanics of high-speed collision.

Articles from non-Russian sources are also published in the journal.

Journal was registered by Russian Federation Committee. Certificate N 013809 June 14, 1995.

Published under the auspices of the Institute of Applied Mechanics of Russian Academy of Sciences Division of Energetics, Machine Engineernig, Mechanics and Control Processes

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Doctor of Science, prof. A.A. Movchan

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Andrey Movchan, Sci. deg.  – Doctor. phys. – math. science, academic title – Professor. Graduated Department of Mechanics, Mechanics – mathematics faculty of Moscow State University (MSU), post graduate courses, on the dissertation council of Solid Mechanics at MSU defended his PhD (1976) and doctorate (1989) thesis.

He is currently working at the Institute of Applied Mechanics in the position of Chief Scientific Officer, Head of Mechanics of adaptive and composite materials and systems. He is a specialist in modeling the behavior of shape memory alloys, fracture mechanics and mechanics of anisotropic damage accumulation in traditional materials and composites, low-cycle fatigue strength of materials, mechanics of adaptive composites with components from functional materials (for example – shape memory alloys). He is a graduate of scientific experts registered in the Federal Register of expert scientific and technical sphere. He has a RISC citation index 954 and Hirsch 16.

He combines scientific work with teaching as a Professor at the Department of the theory of plasticity Mechanics – Mathematics faculty of Moscow State University, and at the department of Structural mechanics and strength of the Moscow State Aviation Institute (MSAI). He was the head of dissertation work of 10 successfully defended postgraduates and a scientific consultant for the doctoral dissertation. He is currently the scientific director of four postgraduates.

He is a member of two dissertation of academic councils (at MSU and at MSAI), deputy editor of the journal “Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures,” a member of the editorial boards of the journals “Proceedings of the RAS. Mechanics of Solids” and “Composites: Mechanics, Computations, Applications” (Begell House Publishing, Inc.).

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