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Impact fragmentation dependence on geometrical parameters of single mesh bumpers

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The work presents results of eight tests in which an aluminum spherical projectile (diameter D0=6.35mm) impacted bumper consisted of single steel grid. Impact velocities were in range of 3 250 – 3 400 m/s. The main objective of experiments was to reveal the dependence of behind-bumper fragment distribution of mass on the geometrical characteristic parameter e = D0 /(dw+l) (dw is wire diameter and l is mesh size) as well as to find out whether the central leader element in the against-mesh bumper impact debris cloud is an intact object or a compact sub-cloud of weighty fragments. Also, as a matter of interest was to clarify the characterization of the central leader element as a function of geometrical parameter e. The projection of debris cloud fragments imprinted as a set of various size craters on a witness plate located at the distance of 150 mm behind the bumper. The witness plate was chosen thick enough to estimate the mass distribution of the fragment on the base of relation between crater volume and kinetic energy of object penetrating half-infinite solid. To make the crater imprinting more distinguishable (especially for the weightiest fragments that have less lateral dispersion) all tests were performed in the air under normal atmospheric condition.


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Bezrukov L., Kononenko M., Malkin A., Myagkov N., Semenov A., Shumikhin T. Impact fragmentation dependence on geometrical parameters of single mesh bumpers // Механика композиционных материалов и конструкций - 2006 - Том 12 - №2 - c: 256-262
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